Progetto Muttoni - Villa Fracanzan Piovene - OrgianoFrancesco Muttoni (1668 – 1747) was born in Lugano and moved to Vicenza towards the end of the seventeenth century.

He worked in the baroque style, having been influenced during his numerous visits to Rome by Borromini. He studied Palladio and published an important book on the earlier architect’s work entitled Architettura di Andrea Palladio vicentino with his own drawings and observations. He was responsible for the design of many villas and town houses in and around Vicenza in the early part of the eighteenth century.

When, around 1700, Muttoni was summoned to Orgiano by the Fracanzans in order to design a new villa, he found that the particular context of the site imposed certain limits and he was forced to integrate many of the pre-existing medieval buildings into the new fabric.

The solution that he proposed, a monumental baroque structure, was a rarity in the Veneto and is interesting for its numerous decorative elements in the Palladian tradition. The original plans of the villa are held in the Library of Congress in Washington and in private archives in Italy.