The garden

Villa Fracanzan Piovene is surrounded by a garden in the Italian style and by one of the largest landscaped parks in the Veneto.

A wall runs round the perimeter of the park and in 1700 a serraglio was created – an area in which wild animals destined to be hunted could roam freely.

In front of the Villa is a formal garden with box hedges and four monumental yews.  The traditional brolo or orchard, with its fruit trees and kitchen gardens full of vegetables and flowers is one of the few of its kind remaining in the Veneto.

The view from the villa is a majestic, kilometer-long avenue that cuts through fields and woods and crosses two long fishponds.

Of great historical interest is the hillside amphitheatre designed by Muttoni for open-air theatrical performances in which the villa itself formed the backdrop.

The woods, meadows and wetland areas offer pleasant walks in an unspoiled countryside.